Migdalor –The lighthouse of alternative investments in Israel.

Migdalor, an alternative investment house, is the first investment house in Israel that focuses its activities in alternative investments.

Migdalor was founded in 2016 by Moti Weiss, who serves as the chairman of the investment house, Assaf Banai, Shlomi Alberg, Ran Sadikario and Moti Dvir. Our goal is to be the largest, leading and most transparent alternative investment house in Israel through:

• Allowing access to a wide range of alternative investment options for investors

• Professionalism and responsibility in the management of investors' money

• Leading the field in Israel and contributing to its local growth

• Taking an active part in setting standards and regulation in the field

Since our establishment, we have founded dozens of investment funds, which were marketed to thousands of investors in Israel, who invested an aggregate amount of over a billion NIS.

In 2021, Migdalor joined the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and is currently the only listed company in Israel whose entire business is in the field of alternative investments.


Leaders in the field of alternative investments in Israel

Leaders know that in order to break new ground and lead developments in any field, one must show excellence, responsibility, and commitment to the road and walk it. We at the Migdalor do it as follows:


Professional and personal excellence and commitment

The Migdalor team consists of the best investment managers Israel, who research the field in Israel and the world, locate and identify attractive investment opportunities, and develop products that are most suitable for the Israeli investors.


A spotlight to the world of alternative investments

The field of alternative investments brings together a huge variety of investment options, including real estate, credit, hedging, and more. We offer our clients a variety of investment products, so that they can choose the most suitable option that meets their preferences, allowing them to utilize the potential inherent in it.


Autonomous regulation for the public service

Migdalor imposes strict standards and autonomous regulation on itself to give its clients transparency and confidence throughout the investment process, alongside a stable and safe infrastructure on the way to discovering the possibilities that lie in the alternative investment field. All these at the same time as leading professional standards in the field and actively contributing to the determination of the national regulation.


Strict filtering and underwriting methodology

Migdalor's investment system is based on a methodology that aims to locate and identify the profitable possibilities, which embody an optimal ratio between chance and risk, in each of its products:

1. Identifying and examining global trends, including the chances and risks of each of them.

2. Establishing an activity and recruiting experts with proven experience either In-house or through the creation of unique joint ventures with them

3. Examination and screening of investment opportunities in each area of activity

4. Two-stage underwriting process, which includes quality underwriting and quantitative underwriting

5. Approval of the investment committee or the company's board of directors

6. Active and strict management of the investment


A variety of options for the sake of on the investor

We work to allow each investor to choose the investment opportunities that match his unique character and preferences, with regard to the business sector, the territory, the scope and duration of investment and the risk / opportunity ratio. This is to make the alternative investment field accessible to as wide a range of investors as possible, and to allow the Israeli investor diversification.


ESG: Setting sustainable standards

The investment world is in the midst of a process that will eventually give an advantage to companies and entities that excel in sustainability, social justice and corporate governance. We at Migdalor define the standards for examining our investment opportunities in each of the fields: Environment, Social & Governance, with the aim of giving our clients the opportunity to invest in fields that contribute to the environment, society and responsible business conduct. 


The pillar of fire 

The field of alternative investments is in its infancy in Israel, and we believe in its significant advantages for the Israeli investor. Therefore, we invest considerable resources in order to promote the field, through:


• Strict professional standards at all stages: from identifying the investment opportunity, through its examination and DD to its marketing to investors.

• Selection of leading partners

• Determination of strict self-regulation, along with leading national regulation in the field