Migdalor's real estate funds: an island of stability in a high-potential market

Migdalor's real estate funds: an island of stability in a high-potential market

Real estate investments have always been one of the most solid and promising investment options. We at Migdalor give our clients the opportunity to enhance these investments inherent advantages through:

• A variety of Real Estate properties in an extensive international layout in the United States, Europe and Israel

• Partnerships with experienced and successful entrepreneurial companies worldwide

• Strict risk management, which includes a set of research and strict due diligence process

Since the launch of the real estate activity at the investment house, dozens of private investment funds have been established, which are marketed to accredited investors and up to 35 offerees in each fund.

We intend to offer diverse and attractive instruments in Migdalor's next real estate funds, and to ensure responsible management in order to create an excess return to our investors


The safest route of investment

The methodology of locating, screening and underwriting process of the real estate funds at Migdalor is designed to allow investors to benefit from the full potential inherent in real estate investments while reducing exposure to risks.


Our investment process includes 7 main stages:

• Locating suitable entrepreneurs and deals through the investment house's network of contacts

• Initial due diligence of the developer and the proposed project

• Signing a memorandum of understanding with the entrepreneur approving it with the investment committee or the board of directors

• Comprehensive due diligence, which includes a visit to the property, and a legal and financial examination of the property and the developer

• Preparation and signing of legal agreements followed by the transfer of the required capital

• Ongoing management and follow-up of the transaction, including review of budgets, progress and financial reports

• Selling the property and realization of the investment.


Choose the route that suits you

Migdalor's real estate funds focus on two main options, one of which is the construction of new properties the other is the improvement of existing properties.


The real estate funds that are being offered to investors are one of the following:

• An equity investment in which the investors are united under an Israeli partnership that invests capital in the project, giving them direct ownership in the property company and participation in the project's profits according to a predetermined payment order.

• Investing as a preferred equity investor - in which Migdalor investors have direct or indirect ownership in the property company. Investors have priority over other capital holders in the project, and are entitled to an additional portion of the profits according to their holding rate and the predetermined payment order.

• Debt investment - in which the investors lend money that is invested in the project and enjoy a predetermined interest rate, which has priority over the equity holders, and sometimes over other debt holders.

In each of the projects, the investors receive full and transparent reports every quarter, and for each project its conditions are clearly defined, including ownership status, expected works to be made on the property, etc.


Layout of projects around the world:


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New York
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