Our Vision | Migdalor Group

"A lighthouse should be stable enough to withstand drifts, winds and storms, and radiate a bright beacon of light that will be able to lead the ships to their destination safely. The essence of Migdalor is to lead the Israeli investors in the field of alternative investments safely to their destination, and to serve them as a pillar of fire in the field."

Migdalor, a house for alternative investments, aims to present to all Israeli investors the opportunities inherent in the field of alternative investments, which is in rapid global growth.


We do this by:

Leading the field in Israel

Introducing an attractive portfolio of alternative investment products

Setting professional standards

Leading regulation in the field




Migdalor management and its team are committed to Israeli investors and the field of alternative investments in Israel, and choose to lead it responsibly, and lead the professional standards in the field.


We choose to subject ourselves to strict independent regulation, the purpose of which is to ensure the quality of investment management for our clients and to form the basis for determining regulation and its implementation in the field of alternative investments in Israel.

Excellence in all areas of activity

We strive to present to Israeli investors the advantages and opportunities inherent in alternative investments and therefore we strive for excellence in all areas of activity: investments, risk management and customer service.

Curiosity and determination

Curiosity and determination are designed to offer our clients the most attractive alternative investment opportunities. We work tirelessly to locate these opportunities and we're determined to present our customers with the best portfolio for them.

Commitment to the environment, community and society

The best investment is in our future and the future of our children. We are committed to promoting sustainability and strengthening the community and society, through community involvement, promoting social projects and structuring the investment house's ESG policy.