Funds for legal investments: spread risk, focus on potential

Funds for legal investments: spread risk, focus on potential

Investing in the financing of legal proceedings is an accepted practice in the world, which on the one hand enables SPCs to assist plaintiffs in various types of tort claims, to exercise their rights, and on the other hand gives investors an opportunity to benefit from a significant return potential, while reducing exposure to risks.

Migdalor's legal investment fund was launched in 2020 and has so far raised tens of millions of shekels.

These investments have so far financed more than 1,300 legal proceedings, the total value of compensation in which is estimated at hundreds of millions of shekels. Thanks to the number of procedures to which the funds are directed, Migdalor spreads the risk optimally

The investment in the fund is limited to qualified investors only in a debt structure, and lasts for 4 years.


Join a winning investment team

The fund works in collaboration with "Legal Investments" company that specializes in financing tort claims and manages a strict selection and screening process of the cases it finances.

The company's team and its investment committee are comprised of senior lawyers dealing in the field of torts, who benefit from a diverse and long experience in the field, and a network of contacts that helps them locate and select the appropriate cases.

Legal Investments company received a loan from Migdalor's fund, which is transferred to it in monthly installments, and in return Migdalor's fund will receive the principal plus a fixed annual interest rate for the entire loan period.

We benefit from a comprehensive collateral structure, which guarantees the repayment of the loan given to Legal Investment company.


Legal Investment methodology: an anchor for success

Legal Investments financing methodology is designed to distribute risks optimally, alongside guaranteeing a significant return to investors. The company's search and investment process include:

1. Legal Investment company examines tort claims submitted to it by the lawyer handling the case

2. The investment committee examines the case and approves cases in which the anticipated chances of success exceed 80%

3. The company signs an investment agreement with the lawyer, transfers the financing to the lawyer and registers appropriate liens

4. At the end of the legal process, the company collects the amounts due to it

5. Upon receiving the amount, the company reinvests it in new claims or transfers it back to the legal investments fund.