The credit funds from Migdalor: investors in growth

The credit funds from Migdalor: investors in growth

The small and medium business sector in Israel consists of businesses full of vision, who manage to realize it, contribute to Israel's economy and support many families with dignity. We believe in this sector, which is trusted by 65% of the financial turnover in the economy, and by 60% of all businesses in Israel.

Along with the trust and appreciation we have for them, we are interested to actively contribute to the growth of this sector, and present our investors with the opportunity to enjoy a solid investment with substantial security, alongside a promising return.

Migdalor's credit funds are a unique financial product in the Israeli economy. The funds are pioneers in the field of public investment funds in Israel, and since the establishment of the first fund in 2019, both funds have raised hundreds of millions of shekels from the public.


Light the way to business growth

Our credit funds provide credit to small and medium-sized businesses in Israel and to real estate companies in the United States, which demonstrate potential for growth and profitability. The credit is granted to companies that meet the threshold conditions set by the fund and published to the public.

The credit granted by our funds is designed to help these companies realize their business potential and enjoy growth, which is why we focus the loans on topics such as:

• Working- capital financing and business growth

• Expansion of existing activity and penetration into new markets

• Research development and new product development, digitization and technological developments

• Purchase of equipment and means of production

• Repayment of existing debts

• Establishing or purchasing subsidiaries or increasing the proportion of holdings in existing subsidiaries


The safe route to investing in growth

The underwriting methodology of Migdalor's credit funds is designed to ensure that investors receive the maximum protection on the way to realizing the yield potential. We do this through the following process:

• Locating and examining suitable companies through Migdalor's network of professional contacts

• Initial due diligence on the company

• Presentation of an initial proposal to the company

• Detailed due diligence of the company and obtaining the approval of the board of directors of the general partner for the loan

• Preparation and signing of legal agreements followed by the transfer of the required capital

• Ongoing supervision of the company

• Management of all ongoing collection and loan repayment processes


A set of protections for investors in credit funds

The set of protections we provide to investors in Migdalor's credit funds includes:

• Senior debt and liens in business loans

• Compliance with pre-determined covenants

• Routine principal and interest payments in business loans

• Maximum loan term - 48 months

• Diversification of loans

• Ongoing supervision of the borrowing companies

• The fund may receive equity components in companies that are expected to generate capital gains

• Minimum interest on loans according to the public prospectus


our team

Moti Weiss, chairman of the credit funds

Moti Weiss, the founder and chairman of the board of the investment house and the credit funds, enjoys 40 years of financial and operational experience in the fields of investments, finance and the high-tech industry. Moti is one of the founders of the Viola Credit fund: one of the leading financing funds in Israel in the field of providing loans to medium-sized and mature companies.


Maoz Franko, joint CEO

Maoz is a certified accountant who benefits from managerial, financial and operational experience in the field of investments. During his career, which spans more than 20 years, Maoz served as CEO of Discount Israel Capital Markets and Investments and is currently a member of investment committees, and boards of directors in a variety of investment funds and companies.


Shlomo (Momi) Karako, joint CEO and director

Momi gained 28 years of financial and operational experience in the field of investments, during which he was a partner in the credit fund - Viola Credit and served as a board member in several of the fund's portfolio companies. For eight years, he held a number of key positions at Sapiens International Corporation N.V., both in finance and operations.