Migdalor Algo – P2P

Migdalor Algo – P2P

A US consumer credit fund

P2P lending is expected to total approximately $705 billion by 2030

Peer-to-peer lending is becoming more and more popular as a means of financing in the world. In 2021, the global scope of these loans was about 84 billion dollars and in 2030 they are expected to amount to about 705 billion dollars (!). Most of the activity in this field is concentrated in the United States, which controls more than 30% of the global loan volume.


Migdalor Algo – P2P: enjoy the potential of peer-to-peer lending

Migdalor is launching the Migdalor Algo - P2P fund, which will invest in loans given by P2P platforms in the US to the American consumer, using a variety of financial instruments with exposure to this field.

We enjoy a unique approach to an entity with the most advanced algo capabilities in the world, which enables the fund to have an exposure to hundreds of thousands of consumer loans from the first moment.

Thanks to the algo capabilities the fund enjoys, the investments can be quickly adjusted to the changing economic conditions, and to a dynamic economic environment.

The route to investing in peer loans

Peer to Peer loans are provided through online platforms that are supervised by the US Securities and Exchange Commission - SEC. The online platforms grant borrowers who are found suitable loans instantly, usually at a fixed interest rate for a period of 3-5 years.

The platforms then sell loan portfolios to investors, most of whom are large institutional entities in various structurs, including the sale of an entire loan or the sale of financial instruments that consolidate several loans.

Unique collaborations

Migdalor's new fund cooperates with entities that have unique expertise in the field and have unique access to loans and Algo capabilities that create opportunities and advantages in this field.

The fund is an open fund and the investment in it is intended for accredited investors only.